Sharing your resources and retaining ownership – Creative Commons

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Creative Commons is a useful licensing framework that enables resources to be shared widely whilst protecting the rights of the resources and the creator. This is now becoming more widely used and recognised, for example the TES is moving to this system. UKIE have already used this system for the resources they have created for their London Schools Excellence Fund project.

Shahneila Saeed, Digital School House project manager says, “The Digital Schoolhouse project has developed a number of exciting and innovative curriculum resources to aid the delivery of the new computing curriculum. Several people have spent a lot of time creating and developing the materials, so while we wanted to distribute our work for widespread adoption, we also wanted to make sure that the Digital Schoolhouse received due acknowledgement and attribution for it. We chose to use the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike licence. This licence allows others to develop their own materials based upon our resources, but ensures that it is done for non-commercial purposes and if licensed, done so under the same conditions.”

Read the guidance document for further information.

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