How do we share the best of London?

From your experiences you will know that there are excellent answers in London to all the issues faced by teachers, non-teaching staff, school leaders and governors. Schools across the capital are constantly developing solutions to educational challenges and inspiring pupils to achieve in new ways. However, these solutions do not always reside with those who ...

The OLEVI Collaborative Learning Model – A framework to support knowledge mobilisation

We are pleased to introduce the latest iteration of the 'OLEVI Collaborative Learning Model'. The publication is intended as an introduction to some of the concepts and as a practical guide for schools to develop their own teaching and learning programmes. [button text="Download publication" link="/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/CP-OleviCollaborativeLearningModel-spread.pdf" style="primary" size="mini" target="_blank" display="inline" class="" icon="document download"]