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Teaching London Computing supports computing teachers in London by developing and providing CPD courses, free workshops on introducing computing themes into the classroom and free resources.

Teaching London Computing is now offering a CPD course for Teachers of A-level Computing:

Where: Queen Mary University of London (QMUL, Mile End campus)
When: 18-22 August 2014, Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm
What: This 5 day intensive course is a follow-on from our GCSE Computing CPD courses and is suitable for those who’ll be teaching the A-level Computing syllabus. It is expected that you will be familiar with the Python programming language.
Fees: £150 for London-based teachers thanks to funding from the Mayor of London (non-London teachers £300)
For more information, click here

Teaching London Computing also offers a free booklet Computational Thinking: Searching to Speak about computational thinking and how to use it appropriately to solve problems for people.

In this booklet you can explore the design of an algorithm to allow someone with locked-in syndrome to communicate. Locked-in syndrome is a condition resulting from a stroke where a person is totally paralysed. They can see, hear and think but cannot speak.

How could a person with Locked-in syndrome write a book? How might they do it if they knew some computational thinking? Learn about computational thinking, search algorithms, linear search, binary search, divide and conquer and comparing algorithms.

To download the online version of the magazine, click here

Free resources and activity sheets are available here

Teachers can access print copies by signing up here

For further information, visit Teaching London Computing or follow them on Twitter

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