Using film to improve modern foreign languages

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The British Film Institute (BFI) is running a two-year programme to incorporate short film into modern foreign languages (MFL) teaching at Years 8 and 9.

The programme is called Screening Languages and aims to raise attainment and increase motivation in MFL learning at KS3. Teachers’ subject and pedagogic knowledge in language and culture is increased using short films.

Film resources have been proven to increase teacher subject knowledge, pupil attainment and engagement, and teacher pedagogy in MFL. The recent programme was developed following research carried out between 2008 and 2010 by the Institute of Education (IoE) and the BFI. The research found strong positive impacts of work with short films on French language outcomes at Year 8.

BFI Education and the Institute of Education have supported the PGCE MFL pathway for seven years and the new programme builds on this partnership. The organisations’ past partnership focused on film-rich pedagogies that improve outcomes in language learning that in turn built on practice developed by BFI with literacy practitioners (See Reframing Literacy, BFI, 2008).

The new project has its own dedicated wordpress blog so that practitioners can share their experiences, student work booklets and notes. There are interesting reflections, and teachers can take away ideas and tips to inspire their own lessons using the short films.

Alongside the blog there is also a resources page where teachers can access the short films, presentations and teaching materials easily. Several films have multiple resources available to underpin sequences planned by different teachers.

For more information on the programme, click here

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