University Learning in Schools

The University Learning in Schools (ULiS) programme is an exciting innovation that is building on the growing prominence of research in the classroom and increasing cross-fertilisation of good practice in schools and universities. ULiS recruits doctoral researchers with experience of outreach and public engagement and pairs them with classroom teachers to design modules based around their research projects.

The researcher-teacher pairs collaborate to design, deliver and evaluate a scheme of work for Key Stage 3 pupils (11-14yrs) over a period of weeks, each bringing to the table a unique skill-set and knowledge-base. Working with classes of young pupils before they begin their GCSEs opens their eyes to contemporary research and the importance of further study. Example courses range from travel literature to global development to laser technology.

As well as having a direct impact on pupil outcomes, the programme aims to enhance teacher subject knowledge and to bring research into the classroom. At the same time as supporting the development of the researchers’ teaching skills and professional knowledge, teachers also acquire new subject knowledge in niche areas and are able to bring this into their own classrooms and departments.

Through a programme of conferences this knowledge will also be disseminated throughout the school system. The ULiS Conference is being held on Friday 4th July at the Haberdashers’ Hall (EC1A 9HQ) and teachers from all London secondary schools are welcome to attend. If you would like to find out more please contact or call 01635 279498.

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