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At the GLA and London Leadership Strategy, we’re striving to ensure that our work supports pupils to reach their full potential, no matter what kind of school they attend or background they come from.

In the media recently, we’ve seen this highlighted in articles by Dame Sally Coates, director of Southern Academies at United Learning, and Bernice McCabe, Headmistress of North London Collegiate School and Co-Director of the Prince’s Teaching Institute. Bernice is also on the advisory group for the London Schools Excellence Fund

Their articles focus on how this can actually be achieved and highlight that the competence of the staff working with pupils is an important factor.

Dame Sally’s article here in the Daily Telegraph explores the gap between the outcomes of independent schools versus state schools, which at times can be vast, and what can be done to change this. She recommends placing a greater importance on giving teaching staff the opportunity to continuingly improve their subject knowledge, to use this to develop a ‘rigorous academic curriculum.’

She suggests state school students should be able to see how well their independent school counterparts are getting on and be able to share and compare work to help drive up quality. Crucially, Dame Sally recommends that cultural experiences be given a place within school life, enabling students to take part and view activities and festivities that are not confined within the classroom walls. 

Similar to Dame Sally, Bernice’s article here in the Daily Telegraph looks at the importance of teaching staff being able to develop and hone the subject they teach and how this is imperative to inspiring young people and giving them the opportunities to develop and learn. 

Young people themselves know this and they want to see this from the practitioners around them. The article looks at the impact good quality teaching can have and what constitutes ‘good teaching.’

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