School Improvement Programmes Help Schools Improve Standards for All Children

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The London Leadership Strategy (LLS) led by heads for heads, is the not-for-profit successor organisation of the London Challenge. LLS is supporting the Greater London Authority (GLA) to share the learnings and findings from the London Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) projects.

The start of the new school year heralds the launch of LLS’s 2014/15 programme of support for schools including:

Good to Great
The London Leadership Good to Great convention is a termly one-day leadership development programme aimed at supporting headteachers and senior leaders in their schools. The programme offers secondary schools the opportunity to hear eminent speakers give presentations on how to respond to recent changes, the features of great schools and school improvement.

Good to Great Heads of Departments – English and Maths
Good to Great Heads of Department focuses support at senior leaders of English and Maths through providing access to conferences, teacher improvement support, knowledge sharing and free educational resources.

Going for Great
The Going for Great (G4G) programme has been created for secondary schools that are Ofsted rated ‘outstanding’ to support them on their journey to becoming world class.

Securing Good
Securing Good is a year long, highly effective programme delivering measureable results for schools at ‘satisfactory’ or ’required to improve’. A solution focused approach to achieving ‘good’ at Ofsted.

Moving to New Headship (Primary and Secondary)
Moving to New Headship aims to help headteachers clarify and achieve their priorities by providing individual mentoring for new Headteachers from an experienced Headteacher. Starting at any time within the first 3 years of headship.

Successful Teaching and Learning
In line with the new OFSTED inspection framework, this interactive programme develops teachers’ skills and understanding of how to offer outstanding teaching and learning to their pupils.

SEND improvement programme
Supporting schools to support schools to raise standards for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). LLS has supported over 100 Inclusion and SEN departments since the programme began in March 2009.

You can read more about LLS’s school improvement successes from practicing Headteachers in the 9 Pillars of Greatness booklet available here

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