Keep abreast of sector events – and add some of your own

At London Leadership Strategy, we have just launched a new events section on the LondonEd website, which lists current education sector events across the UK.

If you’re running an event that is focussed on education, then you can also upload your events to the calendar too.

So whether you are looking for new CPD opportunities, want to check out events around your subject area or from a particular organisation, or if you’re organising an exciting event that you want to share with the world, then the LondonEd calendar is the place to go.

It’s simple to use and gives you all the key details you need so you can make an informed decision with as little hassle as possible.

You can view the events in a chronological list, month-to-month, or see all the events coming up until the end of the year. You can also search by categories, e.g. primary, secondary, seminars, conferences etc.

Organising an event?
If you’re running an event that those in the education world would be interested in – whether it’s a free seminar sharing findings of an innovative project you’re running or maybe a full-day conference for teaching assistants – then upload it to the LondonEd calendar and we’ll help to spread the word.

You could also use the event calendar before you even start your planning to check busy times in case this affects how many people may be available. Or you could use it to see events for LSEF projects to attend or if you’re a speaker there may be events you would like to approach.

So take a look at the calendar and see what’s happening.

At the moment we’re working hard to get the events on here we know are happening but let us know if we’re missing any.

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