How do we share the best of London?

From your experiences you will know that there are excellent answers in London to all the issues faced by teachers, non-teaching staff, school leaders and governors. Schools across the capital are constantly developing solutions to educational challenges and inspiring pupils to achieve in new ways. However, these solutions do not always reside with those who need them because methods for their transfer are often ineffective.

Our solution to address this problem is to adopt a knowledge management approach and adapt it so that it works effectively in an autonomous schools system. This involves:

  • Creating the moral climate for knowledge sharing between staff and schools (Moral Capital)
  • Identifying those that have the knowledge of effective school practice and capture it (Knowledge Capital)
  • Equipping the staff and schools with the social skills to share their knowledge effectively (Social Capital)
  • Setting up the organisational systems for them to share this knowledge with those who need to learn (Organisational Capital)

Four-Capitals-01 tran sparentWe call these foundations of effective knowledge management the four ‘capitals’ – moral, knowledge, social and organisational and they were used to drive the school-to-school approach of the London Challenge, and now Teaching School Alliances.

As the London school system continues to evolve and drive educational innovation and success in the country it must return to one question to ensure that the best of it is shared – are all those who teach, lead and manage willing to learn together for the greater good of their pupils’ learning?

The short publication “The Four Capitals: The Key Components of Effective Knowledge Management” is downloadable here.

Professor Sir George Berwick CBE
Chief Executive, Challenge Partners

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