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What is the GLA aiming to do?

The long term aim of the London Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) is to increase teacher subject knowledge, pedagogical skills, pupil attainment and dissemination of good practice.

In order to ensure the activities taking place are proving to have real, tangible benefit to teachers and pupils within London, a multi-stranded, rigorous evaluation structure has been put in place to compile evidence to demonstrate what methods produce real results. The learning from this will be disseminated to change behaviours for the better in a sustainable, organic way via effective knowledge mobilisation.

What is knowledge mobilisation?

Knowledge mobilisation means ‘to share learning with the intention of changing behaviours’1. In the context of the London Schools Excellence Fund, this means we are funding projects in order to ascertain what works well and build systems to share the learning from this beyond its place of origin. We are fostering an environment in which those involved in the programme can effectively evaluate their activities in order to gain a solid evidence-base behind their methodology. With this evidence they can spread the word of what they have done, how they have done it, and the effect this has had, with real qualitative and quantitative evidence on the impact this has had on schools, teachers and pupils.

A large part of this strategy focusses on building new links between organisations, charities, schools, Teaching School Alliances, hubs, HEIs. The aim is not to ‘reinvent the wheel’, but to encourage new relationships that will promote more sharing of evidence-based learning to wider audiences.

Who is doing what?

The GLA is working in collaboration with Project Oracle to ensure the evaluation being undertaken by LSEF-funded projects is thorough and meaningful.

All LSEF- funded projects have constructed a Theory of Change and an evaluation framework which details what the project is aiming to do and how it will evaluate whether it has been successful. Projects will also formally report on the evaluation of their project through an interim and final report, scheduled at key points in the course of delivery.

London Leadership Strategy is running the knowledge mobilisation strand of the project and will provide expert advice and guidance on how to share good results. They have built the londoned.org.uk website to help projects with this.

SQW are undertaking a full meta-evaluation of the programme. They will assess whether the evaluation of each project has been undertaken systematically and robustly, conduct a full programme wide impact evaluation and consider whether the methods used represent value for money.

1. LondonEd ‘Sharing our Learning’ (The London Leadership Strategy) booklet

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