Shaping the Future of CPD

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IRIS Connect, the market leading video CPD tool for reflection, coaching and collaboration, has released its Shaping the Future of CPD ‘Time to focus on the important, not the urgent’ report.

Launched following IRIS Connect’s conference last month (February 2015), the new report features recommendations for schools, national policy and inter-school collaboration. 

The report explores the key themes that emerged from debates with school leaders, teaching professionals, academics, researchers and others engaged in the CPD agenda. 

These themes are timely in light of recent announcements around taking forward a College of Teaching and the launch of a new Government backed CPD Group, chaired by David Weston, CEO of the Teacher Development Trust with other leading academics and practising educators.

The report also provides examples on how successful CPD has helped teachers and schools improve its standards. Malcolm Drake led Broadford Primary School in Romford from ‘special measure’ to ‘outstanding’ in less than two years by empowering its teachers.  

Broadford Primary is a LSEF Round 2 project, which uses IRIS Connect as part of their project to create a supportive programme of teacher reflection and development.

Shaping the Future of CPD – Key Themes

  • The need to build trust at all levels of the education system.
  • Exploring ways to create capacity to focus on the important, yet not always perceived urgent, issue of CPD.
  • Establishing routes to meaningful collaboration between schools and with universities.
  • Developing formative approaches to evidence and the evaluation of CPD.
  • Utilising technology as a powerful lever to release potential in schools.

Shaping the Future of CPD – Key Recommendations

At National Level

  • The need to maintain a tight focus on the importance of evidence-based professional learning opportunities.
  • Reassuring the profession that a College of Teaching will be truly independent.
  • Ensuring that Ofsted becomes a part of the ‘warp and weft’ of school improvement and does not drive the urgent at the expense of the important.

Inter-school Collaboration

  • Developing a common understanding around language and processes that are clear about what great teaching looks like.
  • Investing in technology that enables iterative collaboration between and across schools.
  • Through inter-school collaboration, ‘keep the end in mind’ when developing learning opportunities and ensure these translate into the needs of pupils attending schools with different identities, challenges and opportunities.

At School Level:

  • Ensure that there is clarity on the purpose of lesson observations so that formative development is distinct from the accountability framework.
  • Embed professional learning as an ongoing process within the school timetable.
  • Enable sharing of practice in a non-judgemental culture that acknowledges the importance of informed risk taking.
  • Develop and exploit the opportunities of technology as a collaborative tool within agreed protocols that ensure teacher control.

You can download the Shaping the Future of CPD report and find out more about the conference and accompanying resources and slides, by visiting

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